I was suffering from tennis elbow on both arms for six months. No resting, massaging or stretching was helpful, it was only getting worse and worse. Although I had no idea about or belief in acupuncture, I decided to give it a try and it was the best decision I made.

From the first day, acupuncture was incredibly effective on my feelings all over my body and mind with immediate relaxation of my arms and shoulders. After five sessions in two months, my suffering was totally gone and a constant healing was started, and it went on for three more months.

I am so grateful for Maud’s gentle attention and deep understanding. I learned from her how to relax and let go, not only my muscles, but in my life passing through difficult times. I have learned to listen to my heart and accept it as it is. I will definitely go to her regularly every year to practise this self-awareness she thought me.

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